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Waterguard Inspection Port 01040 Waterguard Inspection Port 01040
These pre-fab cleanout sections make great inspection ports, dehumidifier drain ports or cleanouts. Available mounted to a piece of WaterGuard or unmounted. We recommend the mounted ones which are much easier and faster to install.
£12.21 *
Triton Aqua-Channel (2.0m) 1122 Triton Aqua-Channel (2.0m) 1122
Triton Aqua Channel is a PVC drainage conduit designed to control water ingress in below ground situations. Length 2.0m Height 2" - Width 3"
£14.40 *
Triton inspection port Triton inspection port
Rodding Eye: It is recommended that one rodding eye is installed for every 10 linear metre run of Aqua Channel to allow periodic cleaning of the drainage system.
£19.05 *
Waterguard Flangeless (2.3m) 01060 Waterguard Flangeless (2.3m) 01060
Used for crossing the middle of a floor and matching up with WaterGuard on the other side. Length 2.3m Height 2" - Width 3"
£26.80 *
Waterguard Drainage Channel (2.3m) 01000 Waterguard Drainage Channel (2.3m) 01000
WaterGuard is a drainage channel engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without worry of clogging from soil beneath the basement floor. It has large holes in the back to accept water and a flange with...
£27.25 *
Waterguard Openback Drain Outlet 01020 Waterguard Openback Drain Outlet 01020
Required on every WaterGuard system for free and complete draining. Drains faster than ever!
£32.41 *

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Triton Aqua Channel Outlet Triton Aqua Channel Outlet
Outlet converts the pentagonal shape of the Aqua Channel into a round aperture for connection to a 40mm pipe and allows water to be discharged into a 'P' trapped gulley or soakaway.
£32.41 *
Waterguard Tape 01070 Waterguard Tape 01070
For use on joints to keep concrete out until it cures and gives a neat look. One roll does about eighteen 100 ft. jobs.
£40.71 *