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Solvent Cleaner 250g 02722 Solvent Cleaner 250g 02722
£11.37 *
Tangit Glue 250g 02720 Tangit Glue 250g 02720
£19.10 *
Screw In Non Return Valve 02290 Screw In Non Return Valve 02290
Full flow non return valve has 1½" threads, rubber fitting to connect to 1½" or 1¼ pipe with 2 hose clamps.
£19.56 *
UPVC Pipework Saw 02730 UPVC Pipework Saw 02730
£39.02 *
Supersump Solid Plastic Lid  (02504S) Supersump Solid Plastic Lid (02504S)
Fits on SuperSump. Good for customizing for a special configuration. Lid has no holes at all.
£50.66 *
Waterwatch High Water Alarm Waterwatch High Water Alarm
Patented WaterWatch High Water Alarm System is complete with battery. Mounts with adhesive tape to discharge line in seconds.
£77.02 *

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Supersump Tuf Top Cover (02320) Supersump Tuf Top Cover (02320)
This lid is an option for when you want to hide the SuperSump under carpeting. Heavy rigid lid is ¾" thick. Comes with BrightWall strip to form concrete up to the lid. No bolts necessary. Has finger pull.
£112.18 *