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Sewage Treatment Plant

The Bio-Pure sewage treatment plant uses the extended aeration method to break down and treat sewerage. This method of wastewater treatment is very effective and has many benefits. The Bio-Pure is also a modern solution for septic tank replacement.
sewage treatment plants
The unit is available in 9 sizes to cater from 1 to 40 persons and can be used for single houses, renovations, barn conversions, small communities, industrial units and camping sites. The Bio-Pure can therefore serve both domestic and commercial properties that have no access to mains drainage

  • Simple effective treatment method with no moving parts

  • Easy and low cost installation usually under 2 hours and no need for concrete backfill

  • Low visual impact and virtually silent linear compressor housed under lid

  • Odourless no smelly primary settlement tank

  • Typical 5 year emptying interval achieves 95% solids digestion

  • Low maintenance 1 hour servicing per year

  • Affordable high quality product at a competitive price and low running costs

  • Outstanding build quality with a 25 year guarantee on all GRP parts

  • Performs during intermittent use ideal for a holiday let- just use a timer

  • Certificated and independantly tested to BS EN 12566-3 2007 and BS6297

  • Bio-Pure1 (1 to 4 people) 2,295.00 Single tank system

  • Bio-Pure2 (1 to 6 people) 2,450.00 Single tank system

  • Bio-Pure3 (5 to 12 people) 3,080.00 Single tank system

  • Bio-Pure4 (10 to 15 people) 3,925.00 Single tank system

  • Bio-Pure5 (14 to 20 people) 4,200.00 Single tank system

  • Bio-Pure6 (20 to 26 people) 6,570.00 Twin tank system

  • Bio-Pure7 (25 to 31 people) 6,425.00 Twin tank system

  • Bio-Pure8 (30 to 35 people) 8,040.00 Twin tank system

  • Bio-Pure9 (35 to 40 people) 8,800.00 Twin tank system
  • sewage treatment plant diagram
    The Bio-Pure sewage treatment system consists of 9 models, 5 single treatment plants catering from 1 to 20 population and 4 twin units catering from 20 to 40 specifically designed for ease of installation and low long-term life costs.

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    Catalogue > Septic Tanks, Filters & Treatment Plants >  Sewage Treatment Plant

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